Their objective:
Be experts in humans to generate value.

The Martians

Today there are more than 50 people that make up this great project. A combination of strategists, creatives and specialists in the different disciplines of advertising, marketing, digital, branding, packaging, shopper experience y business development.

  • Aníbal Cortés
    Aníbal Cortés Strategic planning VP
  • Rocío González
    Rocío González Graphic Designer
  • Araceli Moreno
    Araceli Moreno Branding Director
  • Elizabeth Gutiérrez
    Elizabeth Gutiérrez Senior Strategic Planner
  • Christianne Ochoa
    Christianne Ochoa
  • Monica Silva
    Monica Silva Web Designer
  • Mariana Medina
    Mariana Medina Content Manager
  • Íñigo Vicente
    Íñigo Vicente Associate Creative Director
  • Angelica Arellano
    Angelica Arellano
  • Fernanda Lindoro
    Fernanda Lindoro Account Manager
  • Armando Serna
    Armando Serna CEO
  • Yeraldin Lizaldi
    Yeraldin Lizaldi Traffic
  • José Patiño
    José Patiño Sr Designer/Brand builder
  • Marcelo Torres Llamas
    Marcelo Torres Llamas Digital Strategy VP
  • Antonio Lino
    Antonio Lino Final Art
  • Shadya Casab
    Shadya Casab Accounts VP
  • Fernanda Mendoza
    Fernanda Mendoza Community
  • Vanessa García
    Vanessa García Sr Designer/Brand builder
  • Ulises Cruz
    Ulises Cruz Account Manager
  • María Fernanda Méndez
    María Fernanda Méndez Digital Special Projects
  • Eilen Vasquez
    Eilen Vasquez Community
  • Armando Nava
    Armando Nava Sr Designer/Brand builder
  • Roberto Coxtinica
    Roberto Coxtinica
  • Nadia Ortiz
    Nadia Ortiz Animation/Editing
  • Estefany Lopez
    Estefany Lopez Web Designer