Have You Heard About Spotify Voice Yet?

In the last few years, the way we listen to music has changed dramatically, and without a doubt, Spotify is one of the parties most responsible for this transformation.

Today, it’s quicker than ever to search for and play a song, make playlists, and even get recommendations for new music curated to our taste — and we haven’t even touched on how amazing it is to have podcasts available on the same app.

As if all this wasn’t enough, in March the company launched its own virtual personal assistant, Spotify Voice. Yep, it works just the way it sounds like it would: without needing to type a thing, you can ask it to play a song, one of your favorite playlists, the most recent album from an artist, a certain musical genre, or even an ad hoc recommendation based on your tastes.

These assistants automate and carry out tasks with minimal human-machine interaction, i.e. though your voice alone. They’re becoming more popular every day, transforming from a novelty into something familiar. Right now, 25% of searches on Microsoft are done through Cortana, the personal assistant.

Without a doubt, Spotify’s new offering will make it even simpler to use the app, and it will become easier to integrate the service into key moments in our life. It’s no secret that you can already use Spotify with several different voice assistants, like:

  • Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Cortana


Spotify Voice is now one of voice assistants with which you can use the app, and it´s rumored that this is only the beginning of what they’re developing for us. Spotify might be developing its own voice interface for other companies´ products or speakers, or maybe even for their own speaker, with the clear goal of avoiding dependence on their competitors’ services, like Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa.

The service still isn’t available worldwide yet, but I’m sure we’ll have it soon, so we can start enjoying this innovative update. It’s only available for Premium users, which also means that a new space will open up for advertisers, as they’ll have to be more creative to reach users through the platform effectively.

If you want to learn more about how Spotify Voice works, check it out here.


Carolina Mendoza